Show Us What A Year Means

Feature Documentary Trailer  

A year of fleeting moments by Anya, Rohani, Kelli, Kevin, Robert, Dempsey, Gladys, LaVonda and Charles.  

Show Us What A Year Means is a journey through turbulent times in America as witnessed by a doula, a truck driver, a bike messenger, a record store owner, a community organizer, a laundromat worker, and a restaurateur. 

Director: Todd Krolczyk  

Producers: Sarita Alami, Alexander Yan, Matthew Paley, Rob Hatch Miller, Todd Krolczyk 

Editors: Andrew Balsa, Todd Krolczyk  

Original Music: Emily Sprague

Featuring and Filmed by:
Anya Willoughby
Rohani Foulkes
Kelli Fisher
Kevin Bolger
Robert Longmire
Dempsey Hamilton
Gladys Vega (with Adrianna Vega)
LaVonda and Charles Lane