Todd Krolczyk is an award-winning filmmaker and Michigan native.  Growing up, Todd worked on farms, painted houses, roofed barns, was a janitor at both a Catholic school and a Ford factory. Since leaving Richmond, he has toured in vans with bands, spent time with monks in Vietnam, marched in Washington D.C., collaborated with teachers, doctors, doulas, athletes, poets, and community activists. He’s helped farmers milk cows at 3 a.m., ridden skate parks with BMXers until 4a.m., and played cards with people seeking the healing properties of radioactive mines. Every experience informs his blue-collar approach to visual storytelling.

He has been a member of the Director’s Guild of America for fourteen years. He has worked as an ad agency creative and producer, taught visual arts and mentored new filmmakers. Todd’s work has been commissioned by PBS, received industry awards, seen during the Super Bowl, in magazines, theaters, and at festivals.

Commercial work can be seen at Arts & Sciences

Email Todd at toddczyk@gmail.com